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Charging site Marsfjäll mountain lodge. Subscribe to updates for this charging station

KYRKVÄGEN 1, Marsfjäll, 91088, SWEDEN
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Contact name: ingela@marsfjall.se
Telephone: 0940-700 03
Email: click here for address
Location coordinates:
64.970845 [N 64º 58' 15.042"]
15.329439 [E 15º 19' 45.9804"]
Comment: Anmäl till receptionen , och boka plats!
State: Active [info]
Access: Private [info]
Usage model: Opportunity
Parking rates:
Parking hours:
Number of parking spaces:
Added: Sunday, February 1, 2015
Updated: Monday, December 12, 2016 4:21 PM
Info source: marsfjall.se
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⚡ 2.3kW 26.46km (16.44miles) ↖nw

?kW 26.78km (16.64miles) ←w

⚡⚡ 11kW ⚡ 2.3kW 60.89km (37.83miles) ↓s

⚡⚡ 11kW ⚡ 2.3kW 62.55km (38.87miles) ↗ne

⚡⚡ 22kW 66.67km (41.43miles) ↗ne

⚡⚡ 11kW ⚡ 2.3kW 73.15km (45.46miles) ↘se

⚡⚡ 11kW ⚡⚡ 11kW 73.72km (45.81miles) ↘se

⚡⚡ 22kW ⚡⚡ 22kW ⚡⚡ 11kW 76.30km (47.41miles) ↙sw

?kW 82.12km (51.03miles) ↑n

⚡⚡ 7.4kW 82.41km (51.21miles) ↑n

6/19/2019 5:27:09 PM
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  • De har även 400V 16A röd trefas.
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