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Storgatan 82, Växjö, 352 46, SWEDEN
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Contact name: Care of icon
Telephone: 0470-52 42 00
Email: click here for address
Owner: App properties
Location coordinates:
56.880017 [N 56º 52' 48.0612"]
14.775424 [E 14º 46' 31.5264"]
Comment: Är i parkeringsgarage under icon. Kräver parkeringstillstånd
State: Active [info]
Access: Private [info]
Usage model: Dedicated
Parking rates:
Parking hours:
Number of parking spaces: 8
Added: Sunday, March 10, 2019
Updated: Sunday, March 10, 2019 1:22 PM
Info source:
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?kW 0.43km (0.27miles) ↘se

⚡⚡ 22kW 0.57km (0.35miles) →e

⚡⚡⚡ 50kW 0.64km (0.39miles) ↘se

⚡⚡ 11kW ⚡ 3.7kW 0.76km (0.47miles) ↖nw

⚡⚡ 22kW 0.84km (0.52miles) ↖nw

⚡⚡ 22kW 0.86km (0.54miles) ←w

⚡⚡ 11kW ⚡ 3.7kW 1.03km (0.64miles) ↖nw

⚡⚡ 22kW 1.14km (0.71miles) ↖nw

⚡⚡ 11kW ⚡⚡ 11kW ⚡ 3.7kW 1.14km (0.71miles) ↖nw

⚡⚡ 22kW ⚡⚡ 7.4kW 1.29km (0.80miles) →e

5/25/2019 11:33:05 AM
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